Healing After HJL

The story of an abusive relationship

So the beginning...

For nearly five years I was in what I now know to be an abusive relationship.  My fiancé, Helen, the HJL in this whole sorry affair,  turned out to be someone I didn't know. By the time I realised who she really was, and more importantly, what she really was, it was too late and I fell. I fell a long way. I lost my job, my heart, my self respect, my mind.

In retrospect, I was a victim of "Gaslighting", but was completely unaware until long after Helen was out of my life. Anyway, this period of my life is now a distant memory, a cold shadow on a bright, sunny day. This book is my side of an abusive relationship, one where the woman was the abuser and I, a hairy arsed manly man, was the abused.

Drew Ross