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Healing After HJL?

Heidi Love EEHubUntil Winter 2011 I was in what I now understand to be an abusive relationship, one where I, a  man, was the victim.

I wasn’t the victim of violence, but a deceit by someone who I had been with for four years and thought was my fiance, with whom I could trust with my life.  The action of this woman, Heidi (initials HJL), caused me to have what I believe were two breakdowns and prevented me from working for a number of years.

At the time of writing this, it’s fourteen months later I just can’t quite get over what happened so this is my way of attempting to get everything out through writing in order for it to be cathartic, therapeutic and hopefully allow me to get on with life.

For nearly five years the narrative of my life turned out to be a lie and not only was I lied to, I wasn’t considered worthy of the truth, even at the end.


NB Much of the articles and ramblings that were originally posted on here still exist, but have been taken down.  The blog led to a draft autobiography which I almost had published.  The main bulk of the site is now, several years after pulling the publishing of the book, to self-publish via the website.


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